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The BMW i8 Keyfob gives your mobile phone bitter competition

The new BMW i8 has by far the coolest keyfob in the auto industry. I mean when you’re paying $135,925 for this baby, you’d have to expect to get a keyfob at this caliber.
This keyfob is nothing compared to traditional keyfobs. BMW has implemented this key with an LCD high resolution display screen that informs you of when your i8 needs a power up of electricity (the i8 is a plug-in hybrid). It also tells you the charge levels, time on charge and calculates the distance the i8 can travel before it needs refuelling or recharging. Pretty awesome, right?
But hold your horses future i8 owners! If you ever happen to lose your key it’s going to cost you 1 big G to replace. So please keep your keys safe. It’s going to cost you more than your actual mobile phone.

For more information check out this read from BMW Blog.

The new BMW i8 keyfob

The new BMW i8 keyfob

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